Poetry Friday…Listen


The world screams
into life’s subway-clatter
of turnstiles groaning
cell phones ringing
voices droning
it screams with all
the audio-visual clutter
it has to offer
glossy ads bearing
impossible dreams of
contrived bodies
adorned with gleaming
carats of debt
the world flashes its
wares on screens of
unnatural blue light
garish colors clamoring
to be first noticed
shimmering mountains of
plastic and cheaply gilded fetishes
vie for attention like
spoiled toddlers in the supermarket

Heaven calls
with the whispered sigh
of a mother’s love
a caress in the darkness
of peaceful nursery
it calls quietly
come quickly here,
here to the stable lit
with the muted light
of a bright new star
here, to touch
the silken cheek
and wonder at
these bright new eyes
here to kneel
on golden straw
and worship
that which speaks softly
and makes the heavens shake


3 thoughts on “Poetry Friday…Listen

  1. oh, this…"which speaks softlyand makes the heavens shake"Yes.I'll link here for the next RAP (there wasn't one today and the next is January 1. Thanks for the beautiful offering!)

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