faith floats
on the wings of
a dandelion seed
pointed tip full
of promises
tufted top
an arched parachute
which, trusting
catches the wind
and sends prayers
spinning, dancing
over field and valley
stream and meadow
tiny lifeline, whisper-thin
connects sail and seed
bearing tendered hopes
and new beginnings
eager to take root

I was inspired to write about the dandelion seed by an interview with LL Barkat that Maureen posted on her blog. I love the notion of hope and new beginnings floating on the wind, and also the thought that a tiny dandelion seed can so quickly create a field of nodding, happy yellow. Yes, I know most people are not thrilled with dandelions. But my kids have brought me so many handfulls, carefully picked and arranged in little jelly-jar vases…I just can’t see something so happy and yellow as a bad thing.

This post is part of a Beginnings writing project started by LL Barkat, check out her blog for details and head over to High Calling Blogs for more poetry!

And a very happy, blessed New Year to all of you.


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