Selah…”Let those with eyes see and with ears hear”


Have you seen this word in the Psalms? Selah, while difficult to translate into English, is Hebrew for…basically…Stop. Listen. Reflect.

Why is it so hard to do that? I think of how often in my day I am doing things automatically, how often auto-pilot takes over. I spend whole days without taking time to reflect, whole chunks of life spent without looking up.

God wants us to pause, he wants us to stop and listen, to really see what He has created and the gifts He has bestowed on us. When Jesus wanted his disciples to really take something in, he said it…“Let those with eyes see and with ears hear.” I have eyes, I have ears. I just forget to use them sometimes.


Selah can make all the difference. Moments spent recognizing and counting your blessings, moments spent reveling in our Big God who is amazing beyond words, moments spent just soaking in the joy of little every-day moments, those blessings of time and space that fall so abundantly from the Maker’s hand. The smell of a newborn baby’s head, the softness of a child’s cheek, the crystal-blue of a winter sky, the sound of water running, the delicate petal of a rose, the world reflected in a drop of dew.


Stop, acknowledge these moments, this beauty. Reflect on them, soak them in. Let these beautiful things, these precious gifts, permeate through the business and anxiety of the day, let them find the soft places where you can be moved to tears by the sound of a baby’s sigh, the sight of crimson leaf, the feel of the sun playing across your shoulders. Let the joy of it, the importance of it, the tragedy of it, the preciousness of it all soak into your bones. Let His grace overwhelm your senses, His beauty wrap itself around your mind. Know that He recognizes and takes this same delight in you. Know that you are indescribably, perfectly loved.


Reflect on the Word. Read it as you would read a love letter, written passionately by a lover who is devoted completely to you, by One who would give His very life for you. Run to it during the day and night, memorize it so that your favorite parts are always on your tongue. Let your ears hear and your mind understand the words, don’t just read them (and don’t we all do this?) with one part of your mind while the rest of your thoughts migrate towards chores undone, tasks at hand. Meditate on each verse, let it melt like sugar on your tongue and let the words sink into your mind, find your heart.


Lord, let me not be a blind woman despite my eyes, a deaf woman despite my ears. Let me remember to look up, to open my heart to You, to appreciate each moment. Lord, I covet those who walked with Jesus During His physical ministry on Earth, who saw in Him what it was like to live every moment in Selah. Let the Spirit teach me this, too. Let me not forget.



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