Random Acts of Poetry…Poem, Interrupted

Poem, Interrupted

Crystal castles decorate
(Good morning, sweetheart! You’re up early!)
bending blades
(Done brushing your teeth? Good job! Do you mind…)
of spent-gold
(…getting yourself some cereal for breakfast? It’s a little early still)
grass, bent and burdened
(no, we don’t have any more of that “bad-for-you-cereal,” please eat what we do have)
under layers of transparent
(no, sweetie…please don’t give the cat that milk)
(really, dog? You need to go out now? Walk to the gates, pull them shut. Warm your fingers as you make your way back to the house. Let out curly-yellow streak of a dog, pull door closed)
touched by
(Really? Just grab a rag and clean it up, please. There aren’t? Check the dryer, love)
some frost angel artist fairy
frozen for this
(is that a stain on the carpet? Where did it come from?)
chilled and
(Sweetie, could you let the dog in? She’s at the door!)
perfect moment
(let the phone ring, I can call them back)
dressed in finest
(well, I guess it must be important for them to call back again. Seriously? No, I’m perfectly happy with the phone service I already have)
lace like
(We’re out of cotton balls? Okay, write that down on the shopping list)
debutantes waiting
(does that even make sense? No time to decide)
impatiently for Spring.


4 thoughts on “Random Acts of Poetry…Poem, Interrupted

  1. I love this! I can totally relate too. Sometimes I post something and spend the rest of the day running around wondering, "What did I write on my blog?". I'm glad to know I'm not the only one trying to balance my creative outlet with my crazy kids! Fun!

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