What does having faith look like? What does it mean to have faith? What first comes to my mind when I think of faith is that having faith implies a sort of strength, that to be full of faith means you are standing firm with strength and confidence, ready to act on your convictions. But then, at times it isn’t that at all…at times, faith is a quiet thing, a pure and simple thing, a laying down of self and relying completely on God thing.

I’m finding some images of faith in the book of Joshua.

Sometimes faith is the conquering army, the massed strength of Israel defended by the army of God and moving into the Promised Land. Sometimes faith is moving forward with swords drawn, shields raised. Sometimes faith is the battle cry of readiness, the glint of light on armor, the sound of marching feet. Faith means moving forward into the unknown, with only the knowledge that without God’s intervention defeat is unavoidable, and with God’s blessing victory is certain.

And then, sometimes faith is the scarlet cord hanging from Rahab’s window. Faith is the raveled thread that beats itself against cold, gray stone and is twisted and torn in the wind, a thin and worn symbol of hope in a hopeless cause. Sometimes faith is a silent plea for rescue from the coming storm, a simple act of obedience on which all hopes are entrusted.

One image of faith is full of glory, the other full of humility. Yet, they save equally! Both types of faith result in deliverance.

What kind of faith are you experiencing today? I find it encouraging to know that in those times that I lack the strength for a conquering-army type of faith, I can rest in faith and trust in deliverance behind a window tied with a scarlet cord. The Lord commands the vast strength of the army, and He protects the family of the simple, fallen woman who just learned to place her trust in Him…the same faith covers them all.

Thank you, Lord, for that.


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