Gratitude Journal…a Mother’s Days

A mother’s days are water, poured from an earthen jar onto thirsty ground. The best of what we do is consumable, is soaked up as it pours out, is spent even as it falls. We fill the plate, wash the plate, put the plate away only to take it out again, a few hours later. Our days are a chain made of dozens of endless cycles…meals, dishes, laundry, morning, noon and night.

Some days, it seems like my entire day is spent cleaning up messes. Some days, I scrub the muddy footprints from the carpet and turn to see new ones being tracked. Some days, I pick up a trail of miscellaneous items and turn, arms full, to see a new trail being laid down.

Some days, this never-ending chain of cycles deflates my soul, seems devoid of purpose, threatens to swallow me in its vast and never-ending need.

When I feel the need start to open under me like a yawning chasm, when I feel like it is more than I can fill and my heart flags under the erroneous thought that everything I do is poured out like water, is absorbed deep into the darkness of earthy soil and lost from sight, when I feel like I’ve devoted my time to a muddy, slurry mess….

I remember that flowers bloom bright where water flows, and dry ground is waiting full with the seeds of future abundant living.

What seems dry and thirsty today becomes it own thriving new ecosystem, roots sent deep to tie future generations to solid ground.

What seems to take ages to grow today, what looks too small to matter now…will, in such a short time, reach high into the vast pale blue of a Spring morning and glorify God with its beauty.

What I pour out today will bloom and grow, will plant its roots deep and reach its branches high, will scatter seeds itself one day and with its own pouring lay down a blanket of new growth…a scattering of life I can’t even begin to imaging today.

What it takes to love those days, to laugh with joy at the pouring out, to smile at polishing the links in the chain….Gratitude that not a drop is wasted, not a moment is spent without being stitched by the Creator into the fabric of something beautiful.

What it takes is being thankful for each link, for every little thing…especially for every little thing.

Lord, thank you that these little things matter
more than I could ever understand. Thank you that You are taking each little moment and making it grow, that these seeds are taking root. Thank you for what they will become.

260. Thank you for the fact that I’m able to stay home with my kids.
261. Thank you that I can home school legally and with support.
262. Thank you that there is enough
263. Thank you for the Spring!
264. Thank you for sunlight illuminating and tracing the leaves
265. Thank you for flowers that open as the sun moves across the sky
266. Thank you for this unexpected and glorious magnolia tree…who know they could grow here?
267. Thank you for blossoms that will bear fruit
268. Thank you for sun-kissed noses
269. Thank you for that deep green color that came out overnight
270. Thank you that as of tomorrow we will celebrate 14 wonderful years of marriage!


7 thoughts on “Gratitude Journal…a Mother’s Days

  1. You have watered me this morning! So needed this encouragement that when I pour out all He will use it to nourish and produce a harvest. Thanks.Happy Anniversary!

  2. this was so encouraging. the reason I started blogging was to connect and encourage and be encouraged by other stay at home moms…you have done that today. Thank you.

  3. I love this post. I reckon because it speaks from one mom's heart right into all the others.This is my favorite part: What I pour out today will bloom and grow, will plant its roots deep and reach its branches high…Oh, how you have blessed today.Blessings to you!

  4. Thank you, ladies, for your sweet support. I am so grateful for you, too…your hearts and your words and your friendship.DH…I love this too, every crazy, messy scrap of it. And I love loving you! Thank you for working so hard for us.

  5. oh , this was so incredibly lovely.and you know, now that my children are getting older I can see the fruits. It does make the mess a little easier to deal with ( some days 🙂 )

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