Monster (Supermarket Zombie)


she saw him
between the baked goods
and cereal isles
towering tall, shoulders wide
lumbering forward
his thick fingers grazing
slipping over carnival-colored boxes
claiming them, one at a time…
Lucky Charms, Fruity Pebbles,
Count Chocula

Zombie in the supermarket
large and hulking
wearing flannel pajama bottoms
a jean jacket you could use for a sail
on any sized boat
his face a white moon
eyes glazed
plank-like feet shuffling
down isle nine

her hand slipped in mine
mother, she said,
do you think it’s possible
that zombies go shopping
and buy cereal
write out a check at the register?
Do you think that zombies
might look just like anyone else
but still be dead inside?

Of Course Not, I said
squeezed her little hand
delivered a six-point sermon on
the non-existence of monsters
reassured her through four more isles
shuffled to the register
wrote my check
tried to erase the vivid picture
of the living dead
spooning Fruity Pebbles
into gaping mouth
milk spilling over chin, into collar
pooling in the slow, empty smile
teeth flecked with bits of red and yellow cereal


7 thoughts on “Monster (Supermarket Zombie)

  1. For some reason I have an image of teenage sons across the breakfast table. Maybe it is the "gaping mouth milk spilling over chin" part. Well done.

  2. Erica, good to find you through RAP. I mostly love the photo!The strongest image in your poem is the reassurance you give and the strongest question in my mind as I read your words is: was he real?

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