And The Winner Is……At Last, the Fundraising Results!

First of all I want to shout out a big “Thank You” to everyone who donated, and to everyone who passed along the story about Peach and Mallory!

Second, I want to apologize about how long it’s taken me to get the results of the fund raiser posted. It took quite awhile to get all the names of people who had donated together, but I got the names yesterday and am excited to announce the results!

I put a list of all the names of people who donated, and ran it through this nifty random picker. Saved me the trouble, you know, of actually writing down all the names and finding a hat ;o)

Drum roll please……..

First Prize, an 8×10 photo print by A Simple Country Girl from the for The Least of These photo ministry:

Jacqueline DiPasquale.

Second Prize, a Bath and Body Works gift card for $15.00:

Kelly Butler

Third Prize, a CD of Christian music by artist Steele Croswhite:

Jennifer Baker

Congratulations, and thank you again to everyone who helped!

If you won one of the prizes, please email me at and I’ll get your contact info so I can mail your prize. If you’re reading this and you know one of the people on the list, could you do me a favor and pass this on to them?

And, of course…the real winners in all of this are Mallory, Peach, and their new family. There is no prize compared to the love that they have been blessed with and the beauty of increasing a family through adoption! I can’t wait to see that precious family finally united. Can you imagine the joy?


6 thoughts on “And The Winner Is……At Last, the Fundraising Results!

  1. To visit orphans in their distress… this is a sign of pure and undefiled religion. Way to go for helping these two precious girls get to their family.

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