Desperately seeking boredom!

It’s been a whirlwind of a summer, and it doesn’t look like it will be calming down any time soon. I’m feeling like I need a vacation from my vacation! We’ve had a paint crisis…started to paint our peeling old farmhouse only to find we’ve been living in a lead-encrusted environmental hazard. Alright, I’ve been accused of being too dramatic before….but still, not what we wanted to deal with!

We’ve had one wonderful road trip, a too-full social calendar, and another road trip coming up.

Where are those long, lazy, summer days?

I strongly believe that boredom is an important part of childhood. It’s the place where the imagination dusts off the cobwebs and once again takes flight, the place where thoughts can roam and the spirit is refreshed. I’m not talking about a break from the usual chaos and joy that is life with children, pets and lots of love. I’m just talking about a break from the busy…where you feel safe to pull out your knitting needles, start that good book you’ve been wanting to read, or just sit around and watch the ants march on your back patio.

The summer is nearly over, and it’s been a good one. But we’ve only had a few sweet days of this:

And this:

And this,

And maybe even this.

Could we have a little boredom, please? My kids may complain about it, but it’s good for the soul. Here’s wising for you some sweet time with nothing at all to do, my friend!

Update: During the time I was writing this post, the stray cat who adopted us last month gave birth to three kittens….and counting.

Today, apparently, will not be boring!


2 thoughts on “Desperately seeking boredom!

  1. I reckon you better find yourself some couch time pretty soon or the men with the funny white jackets will be knocking on your door. ;-)Of course we will be expecting some of those cute kitten pix soon–like you need one more thing to do.Blessings.

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