A Little Laundry Art


Is how you know your Youngest and Middle Child both have had enough time doing nothing and are now ready to start the school year. Can you see her? The girl holding a bouquet of red roses and walking her Teacup Poodle? Yep, we have finally achieved enough solid Boredom Time that school is sounding not-so-bad. We’re doing half-days this week and will be full swing next.

Goodbye, Summer! You were too short.

Hello, School year! I look forward to what you hold!


One thought on “A Little Laundry Art

  1. same here! imagine that–that we would be doing the very same thing?!your kids should enter that into the fair. my son has entered his "asian tiger" crayon drawingwe will see it when we go to the rodeo friday. wanna come, my fellow Montana girl? yeehaw!blessings.

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