Gratitude Journal…Backwards Blessings

Some days, things don’t look so beautiful. Some days, it’s hard to look around and see the blessings through the mess and the weeds. Sometimes you have to sift through and squint hard and do some re-arranging in your heart to find the place where a choice must be made, to see the positive side of things and count your blessings even when they come disguised as burdens.

Today, I am stealing a few quick moments to count the Backwards Blessings, the blessings that are carefully masquerading as irritating burdens that I’d just rather not deal with. I have a feeling that there are many of these hiding around my life, and I have a feeling it will be good for me to track them down and train myself to see them differently.

355. For the last of the crumbling deck rail
356. For the pile of tree trimmings and shrub-leavings
357. For the patience I am learning waiting for them to be out of the yard
358. For the fact that the city’s dumpster day happens to be next week, so it won’t be long now

359. For the full calendar and busy days
360. For the friends and fun that fill many of these squares
361. For the lessons on organizing my time that I still need to learn
362. For the fact that we are learning to work with it
363. For the many days we have the opportunity to serve You

364. For the dishes piled in the sink
365. Which provide a chance for reflection, hands in warm and soapy water
366. And which remind me that we have enough to eat
367. And we have friends to share a meal with
368. For the clutter of toys in the yard
369. Which means that children live here
370. And for the friends they have who come to share the fun

371. For the mess of peaches all over the yard
372. And the fact that we have these wonderful fruit trees
373. For the rows of happy yellow, captured in jars for the winter
374. And for the fact that this year, although it meant we didn’t pick them up right away, we were busy getting projects done

375. For the lead paint on the house
376. For the mess and tangle of equipment and supplies in the yard
377. For the grant program that is covering the restoration of the outside of the house, which we would not have been able to afford if the house had not been covered in lead paint
378. For the fact that soon, our house will be painted and will look fresh and new
379. For the fact that God provides, even when He does so in unusual ways that you don’t at first understand

380. For gluten intolerance
381. Which makes me aware of every bite I feed my family
382. And taught me to read labels and to make most of what we eat from scratch
383. And keeps me appreciating and considering what goes on our table

384. For the discomfort and expense of braces
385. That we are able to provide them for Middle Child
386. And that even though it is unpleasant now, it will bring a better smile in the future

holy experience


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