Gratitude Journal…the Blessing of Work

When work piles high, and everywhere you look there seems to be more to do, I remind myself to take a moment to see the day through grateful eyes.
Here, in The City, we are catching up with over-due maintenance on the Displaced Farmhouse.  There are piles of deadwood and tangles of rose thorns to be hauled away.  There are rain gutters, twisted into unusual shapes and lying in piles, waiting to be disposed of and replaced.  The big house has been painted (oh, Joy!) but the cottage is still not finished and we are scraping, scraping, painting fast to beat the weather.  And still there is school to be done, meals to be prepared, daily life to clean up after.  Oh, what a busy season this is and oh, in the thick of this I can sometimes feel like there will never be a break, never be a moment to rest.
But what can change my day, what can make these jobs joyful and this work meaningful is simple:  to count the work as a blessing, to see that we are lucky to have these chores to do, this house to clean, this mess to order.  We are blessed to have the food to prepare, the family to look after, the ability to do these tasks. I am blessed by this work, blessed in the doing of it and in the need for it and in the joy of its completion.
Counting these blessings today….

388. For fresh new paint
389. For working together
390. For the beautiful Fall weather
391. For the city’s Dumpster Day
392. For finding time to enjoy life’s little gifts
393. For friends who lend their help and their time
394. For the feeling of relief and satisfaction you have when you finish
395. For the beauty that surrounds, embraces, and sooths
396. For the smell of warm cinnamon
397. For simple changes that make a big difference
398. For the sound of crickets, winding down in the cool weather
399. For the smell of rain and the sky holding, just long enough

Count your blessings, too? Join the community at Ann Voskamp’s Holy Experience.

holy experience


2 thoughts on “Gratitude Journal…the Blessing of Work

  1. What a lovely blog you have. This is my first visit. Found you from Ann's. When I have more time, I will enjoy hanging out here a little longer. For now, I just wanted to say how very much I enjoyed today's gratitude post!The blessing of work! Yes! We can and should be so grateful for the work He gives. We were made for work like we were made for creating… in His image!Coming from the Pacific Northwest, I can relate to smelling the rain, and wishing it to hold off just a bit longer….glad it held off for you and your outdoor chores. :_Blessings,Kara

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