Gratitude Journal…The City

Here in The City we live in our little house, surrounded by tall old trees and enclosed by as tall a privacy fence as we could legally build.  When the gates are shut, we have our own private bit of country…fruit trees, pine trees, flowers everywhere.  Our little bit of land is a throwback to earlier times, the farmhouse and trees and the little cottage beside it.  When we built our fence, we pulled barbed wire from rotted old fence posts, clipped it near the trunks of trees where it had bit into growing wood, become part of the whole.  Our displaced farmhouse is an oasis, we are not far from the The City and yet it feels years away.

And so we forget to make the short drive into the bustle and fray, to enjoy the blessings that a City has to offer.  Funny, how that is.  When Hubby worked in the center of it all we’d make that trek at least once a week, to visit for lunch and take in some of the buildings, the sights, the things that go on in a city.  In the last few years, after a job change to a different nearby city, we have visited The City far less.

A friend’s child had a birthday last week, and her request (oh, it makes a reader so proud) was to visit the City Library for her birthday.  And so we did what we should do more often: ventured into The City for an afternoon of exploration.

You know what?  I am thankful that we live here.

And that, my friends, is something I thought I’d never say.  It’s been a long road.  I’ve been a pouting, tantrum-throwing Jonah along the way.  Over the years there have been at least a hundred other places in this world that my little human mind would rather live in.  Some of them don’t even have running water.  But right now, right here, I’m glad this is where God has us.

And that’s something to be very thankful for!

Here, some photos of our afternoon….


holy experience


5 thoughts on “Gratitude Journal…The City

  1. Oh, those mountains!!! Sorry, I got sidetracked from the library trip, but . . . those mountains! How blessed to have such a view so close. What a fun, fun day . . . but being a country girl myself, I'm very blessed and happy to live far from the city, though I do enjoy a venture in every now and then!

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