Gratitude Journal… Light in the Morketiden

It is the gray-brown time of year again, the time of year when scraps of leftover snow cling in the corners of the yard, dirty and spent.  When the sky is low and dark and the sun is hidden.  When the air is not fit to breathe and I feel trapped, locked inside an inversion that sits over us relentlessly for weeks on end, snuffing out colors and draining the light out of the day.

February is my morketiden., a time of darkness when I struggle to stay above the drag of depression as the sun stays hidden in the muck of inversion.  I grew up amid pine trees and ice-blue skies, black bears rooting through the dumpster in the Kmart parking lot.  We took for granted the pristine air and the sparkling-clear water that ran glacier-cold through rivers that circled our Montana town.  The lack of light and the thought of breathing bad air are a combination that I struggle with every year. 

All the more reason to count my blessings…to bring a little light into the thickening gray by remembering the shining colors of grace, the sweet moments that abound, the waiting promise of Spring.

 521. Squares of light traced on oak

 522. The world’s tiny-est snow sculpture (brought to you by Youngest)

 523. Learning to make messes

 524. And learning to clean them up again

 525. For the kids, taking Toddler on his first ride on a sled

 526. For the baby swing, an extra set of arms when it’s needed most

 527. Bright-orange clementine smiles

528. Icy patterns on the window
529. Seed catalogs 
530. For what lies waiting, ready to bloom in the Spring

3 thoughts on “Gratitude Journal… Light in the Morketiden

  1. I am Norwegian and hadn't heard of Morketiden. Thanks for the link to your poem which explained it. That may be why I'm feeling so … tired these days? I am from Wyoming so I often think about those bears and bright sunny winter days. Somehow, it didnt seem so cold and dreary

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