The Dream

night I dreamed 
I found you
and you had not changed
you were there 
on the floor 
wrestling with the
same chemical demons
and they were winning 
but I had changed
and I took your face 
between my hands and when I
looked into your eyes 
all the past was 
and I felt no anger
no betrayal
no judgement
and the scars, they had faded too
I felt nothing but
and sadness
and I heard a voice say 
Talitha Cumi
but I woke
before I could see
if you would 

One thought on “The Dream

  1. Oh my land, RissaRoo! What a poem.We just studied this "Talitha Cumi" portion of Matthew so this hits a fresh spot. We have a family friend named Talitha – isn't that God-grande?How are you? I've missed you like super duper crazy! Still hoping to see you this Aug – hey, that's in a week. Call me.Love &Blessings,Darlene

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